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5 best small pet birds toys and accessories

5 best small pet birds toys and accessories

A bird mirrorBirds are active animals, and they need things to entertain themselves. They require attention from the owners to make them happy. If the owner is busy and does not give enough attention to them, they develop aggressive behavior. They can also cause harm to themselves by plucking their feathers. Thus, they need some entertainment to keep them busy. For this, several toys are available in the market to keep them entertained and happy. If there are toys present for them to break and play with, it will keep them busy. They will spend most of that time playing with those. Many owners worry about the correct choice of toy for their pets. Here are some great toys you can purchase for your pet birds:

Swing for pet birds

Bird swings are the most common and popular type of toy for birds. Many birds love to sit on their swing all day and enjoy themselves. These allow them to get some exercise by swaying it. They like this movement and the airflow it gives. Also, some swings have additional bells attached to intrigue birds. These are beneficial for birds as this help strengthen their leg, chest, and wing muscles.

Parrots like bird Mirror Bird Mirror

Birds get lonely if they are left alone or their owners are gone for longer times. So many people add a bird mirror to their pet’s cage. These are very useful, but sometimes a bird mirror can be harmful to pet birds. Although it will reduce the loneliness of your pet, but it might give a false perception to them. Some pets start believing that there is another animal in the bird mirror. They can develop an obsession with it and refuse to leave the mirror. They even attack if someone tries to move it. Therefore, owners need to keep a keen eye after attaching this bird mirror with perch.

Chewable toys are great

Birds are naturally habitual to chewing whatever they find. They need to chew things to keep their beaks sharp and trim. Therefore, it is essential to provide pet birds with chewable toys. These will encourage them to use its instinct and play. There are several sorts of chewable toys, such as wiggles, wafers, and foraging blocks. Most of these are available in a variety of bright colors. These will help make them more engaging for the bird. These toys have a chewy texture and different shapes to add a feature of fun for the bird. So these are great to help with the physical and mental stimulation of birds. In winter, one can add these toys near a bird warmer to encourage them to play.

Add rope and chain

Chain and ropes act great as bird toys. When it comes to ropes, only use natural fiber ones in bird toys. This includes cotton, hemp, or sisal ropes. These are safe as long as they are properly maintained. Also, keep the bird’s beak and nails trimmed. There can be chances of safety problems if the ropes have excessive fraying. Pets can lose circulation in their legs by getting tangled in ill-managed ropes. However, rope toys have proven very beneficial in solving feather picking problems. So one only needs to maintain them to for their birds.

Similarly, chains can be great entertainment. For birds, the chain should be welded, not open linked.

Unwelded chains might be sharp with narrow openings that can cut toes. While open links can cause broken toes or legs if caught in them. Also, using a too-long chain could end up wrapped around their neck during a vigorous play session. So these need proper monitoring and timely maintenance.

pet bird toysHolee roller for birds

Holee roller is best to encourage the bird’s natural foraging behavior. These small toys are great and safe for birds who get bored readily. Holee rollers are high quality and durable at an affordable price tag. The toy itself is made from a natural rubber material and attached to a metal chain. So it is entirely safe for the parrot. Place these with a bird warmer; so they do not get cold while playing.


In conclusion, birds are social animals and require toys to play with throughout the day. These will not only keep them happy and entertained but also mentally and physically stimulated. Thus, it will prevent them from becoming destructive. Give pet birds good attention and provide them with toys to play with. These will help them keep busy while you are gone, and the bird will not become lonely. However, owners need to be responsible for checking the status of birds’ toys daily. They must cut back rope or discard toys that have become frayed or old. This vigilance will prevent any hazard to their bird.