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A Guide to Best Bird Carriers and Travel Cages

A Guide to Best Bird Carriers and Travel Cages

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If you are a bird lover or carrying your little friend with you anywhere you have to choose the best lightweight bird carrier with you that is easy to carry and ensures your bird’s safety and comfort. Birds can get stresses quickly especially parrots who are moody. Therefore, getting the right and comfortable carrier is very important, it takes time to decide the right cage for traveling for your feathered friend. Most birds take time to get used to some other new cage that’s why you have to be very careful about choosing the right house of your bird regarding the quality and design which give you the peace of mind for your bird security that it cannot escape and feel comfortable while traveling.

Different birds are used to their different type of cages. A cage for a Budgie is not going to be the same as what a parrot requires to travel safely in. There are some main points that you consider while buying a travel cage for your bird. These are

  • Size
  • Material
  • Build quality
  • Cost

Every bird pet owner needs to have at least one reliable, safe and secure travel cage in case of any emergency and vet checkups.

There are heaps of different travel bird cages in the market with different pros and cons.

Pros and Cons

All cages have some pros and cons so you have to consider them while buying a bird carrier or a travelling cage for your bird.

Quality: You must choose specially developed travel cages that are manufactured with the mindset of escape artists (birds). The mesh windows are made up of stainless steel that can’t be chewed through.

travel cage for birds

Bird carrier travel cage

Lightweight: It should be lightweight so it’s easy to carry and you won’t need to worry about being dragged down while traveling or walking.

Waterproof: Bird traveling carriers should be made from waterproof material so they will be helpful in any rainy weather in traveling.

Size option: cages have many different size options from XS to XL. You need to buy the cage of your bird-like parrot or amazon according to their size. It makes it easy and comfortable to handle and makes less space with other luggage.

Cost: good quality birds are far more expensive than others traveling cages available at the market. But if you are looking for a cage that will last a long time, you want to consider investing good at once and get stress-free for a long time about quality and your bird security while traveling.

Types of bird carrier or travelling cages

Meanwhile, different travel cages depend upon different purpose and type of your bird. There are different travel carriers for every bird species.

Backpack bird carrier

A backpack bird carrier is perfect for those who want to carry their bird hands-free on adventures and make it easy to take your bird safely and comfortably. When you are buying a backpack for your parrot, amazon and conure make sure that it is made from high-quality materials so you won’t have to worry about your bird escaping. Saving few pounds at the risk of losing your bird is not just worth it.

Pawhut stainless steel travel cages

This stainless steel cage is as solid as you expected and reflected in the weight. If you want something rock solid with peace of mind, safety, and security of big, beaky parrots then this is ultimate. The ENTIRE thing is made up of stainless steel including bottom, slide-out tray, handle, the food bowl and even perch. It seems quite comfortable and healthy about a parrot standing on a metal perch. And the supplied perch can be replaceable with any wood or other perch.

travel cage

Bird carrier travel cage

Clear plastic/ Acrylic Travel Cages

Some parrots or amazon birds are not comfortable in the enclosed space of a tough polycarbonate material cage so parrots owner must use their judgment, and attention to determine whether your bird is coping well and adjusting comfortably while traveling in a hard plastic carrier or you should choose a more open designed traveling case. This transparent plastic cage is popular for small birds like parrot, amazon, and conure and is designed especially with the bird in mind that’s why the parrots can’t bite their way out of a cage.

Collapsible bird travel cages

Folding or collapsible travel cages for birds has a huge benefit. If you are having more than one parrot then you can soon find yourself dedicating a garage space to transport cages. They are easy to use and are convenient to store when you are not using them as well as safe and secure for your birds. There are few quality products in this category like steel A&E Cage Co. Collapsible Steel Parrot Transport cage.

Soft-sided Travel Carrier

Suitable for small and medium-size parrots like amazon, conure, cockatiels, and love birds. Soft-sided travel cages are easy to carry as they have shoulder straps to carry on the back plus a small handle at the top. They have zips open at the front, mesh windows at the front & rare, and an adjustable perch. The sides are solid and canvas-like on the outside with high-quality fabric which ensures your bird security and smooth vinyl inside that is easy to clean and wipe away poop as needed.


Lastly, the type of travel cages you choose for your feathered friend should depend on its purpose, whether you are traveling for a short duration such as a vet trip or a long journey like some holidays, and depend upon your bird’s size and personality. Therefore, each bird will have a preferred travel cage whether your bird likes to travel with a cage that allows 360 views or with some privacy. This article will help you one step closer to choose the best bird carrier or traveling cages for your bird-like parrot, amazon, and conure.