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airline approved bid carrier

Airline approved pet carrier for birds

Airline approved pet carrier for birds

pet carrier for birdsAll the pet owners are worried about their pets whenever going on air travel. The pet owners do not want to separate from their little pets, and it can be quite stressful for the birds as well. However, now you can take these little friends with you on the plane ride. There are special bird carriers in which you can take your pets after going through certain regulations. The pet carrier for birds must be approved by international air travel associations and meet certain requirements. These specific requirements that bird travel carriers must comply with are as follow:

Size of bird carriers

The carrier size must be of an appropriate size so that the parrot head and tail are properly adjusted inside. The height of the carrier should be high so that the bird’s tail does not touch the bottom and the head does not touch the top. Moreover, there must be perch of an appropriate diameter inside the pet travel cage. The size is dependent upon the pet size, such as Amazon, Grey parrots, and Cockatiels have different sizes.

Door system

The door is given great importance due to security reasons. The cage door must be fully functional that it protects the bird inside during the whole ride. Also, the doors must be easy to open from the outside so that others do not find much difficulty. Moreover, the doors must have openings for ventilation.

Interior typebird carrier

The pet travel cage interior must have a solid and leak-proof floor. Also, the floor should be covered with an absorbing paper for litter. Although the wire floors are allowed but must have a solid base. However, pegboard flooring is prohibited entirely. These requirements are made necessary to maximize the cleaning of the bird during the long travel. Also, give special consideration that all internal edges must be smooth. There will be no sharp projection inside the best pet carrier for birds.

Ventilation for air

The ventilation of the pet carrier for birds is the most important aspect of the travel cages. It is advised that about fourteen percent of the total wall space must have openings for proper ventilation. Moreover, these openings must be in the top part of the carrier. A bird travel cage needs to have at least the third-fourth openings so that there are no chances of suffocation during the travel.

Handles for grips

The travel carries for air journey must have solid grips and handles. The worker has to hold the carrier, so they need these handles. There are many chances of the animal getting panicked and attacking the workers. Also, birds are territorial animals, so they often get anxious. In this state, the worker might get a bite injury without a handle from the panicked bird. Therefore, the handles are necessary for proper holding and safety reasons.

Markings for awareness

It is essential to mark the carrier prominently. You have to write the words ”live animals” in bold on the top of the pet travel carrier. When you are writing these letters, always make sure that they are at least one inch high. Also, draw arrows to guide the workers who will handle the carrier. These clear markings will help people recognise the carrier easily.

bird travel carrierAnimals per Kennel

There are limits in every airline when it comes to animals. For instance, mostly only one pet is allowed in one kernel. So you have to book early, if you want to take your bird with you. For example, you can contact the airline, and they will tell you that only one adult parrot is allowed in one kernel. Thus, you can take one animal, and you also have to book early to get this slot.


Many bird carriers are approved by the airline for pet birds. However, all these carriers have to fulfil certain requirements. It is better to get in touch with the airline so that you do not face any issues. However, few things are commonly required for all bird carriers. The first thing is that the size of the carrier must be appropriate so that the parrot can rest comfortably. There should be a secure door system and handles for proper grip. The interior should be solid and smooth for safe moving. Also, it must be fully ventilated and marked, so there is no danger for pet birds. You must get the booking done earlier so that you get the slot of a pet in the kernel.