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How to Bathe Your Pet Bird?

How to Bathe Your Pet Bird?

birdbath boxBaths are essential for the health of these feathered species. Bathing your pet bird at least once a week is necessary to keep their feathers in good condition. If birds are not properly bathed, their feathers will accumulate dust and they will begin plucking them. Bird-like to keep their feather neat and clean and are always trying to groom themselves. A clean feather has more of a grip than an untidy one. There are many accessories are available to make bathing a fun time for birds like a birdbath for cages.

Read on to find the how-to bathe your pet bird at home. you can also get a birdbath to make the bathing fun for your furry friend.

How to bathe your bird?

By placing a clean water container in the cage, you can bathe your bird. You can also wash your bird in a running water fountain designed specifically for bird bathing. However, when bathing your pet bird, make sure to use clean water. Bathing your bird is a natural part of their routine. Some birds enjoy their time in the bath and enjoy playing in the water. Despite the fact that frequent showers would be a natural part of their grooming activities in the wild, some birds have not been taught to appreciate bathing and avoid contact with water.

Using Birdbath box Birdbath

Using a birdbath for a cage is one of the easiest ways to bathe your feathery friend. But it is suggested to train your parrot or pet bird for a birdbath. Colorday’s transparent birdbath is one of the best bath boxes for pet birds. it is not only easy to install but large enough so a perfect bath box for even big size pet birds like amazon, grey, etc.

For birdbath installation, you can find great tips here: HOW TO INSTALL LARGE BIRD BATH WITH CLEAR VIEW INSIDE/OUTSIDE OF BIRDCAGE

After a bath, make sure your pet bird is completely dry. After a bath, your bird can be dried in a variety of ways.

Natural dry or Air dry

In the wild, birds air dry themselves naturally after a bath. Place your bird in the cage and allow it to dry naturally on the perch or wooden stick. It’s important to remember that the room should be comfortable and calm. After a bath, most birds like to nap. While sleeping, the birds may naturally dry themselves and then groom their feathers to make them look more attractive. A dazzling bird is preferable to a filthy bird.


You can use a hairdryer to dry your bird, although this method is best for tiny baby birds because their feathers are spiny. Because birds are sensitive, the dryer should be set to a low temperature. The feathers of older birds do not need to be dried with a hair drier; they dry gradually. The majority of birds are frightened of hair dryers. It is advisable not to use the dryer to dry your pet bird if it is terrifying.

bird bathTowel dry

The birds can dry naturally, but you can help them along by drying them with a towel. Towels are generally not recommended for drying your bird because they can terrify them if wrapped in them. To gently pet them dry, use a towel. This job is best done using soft clothes. If threads are coming out of the towel they can wrap around your pet bird. It is recommended to cut all the access threads to provide that.

Heat technology

By placing them in the room or near the birdcage, birds can be dried using a heater. Heaters are the finest alternative for protecting your bird from the cold in the winter. Heat lights can also be placed in the birdcage to keep your bird warm and dry. Electric heaters are more recommended than gas heaters as they are more stable. Overheating, your bird can be dangerous for them.


To summarize, birds require bathing to keep their feathers and fur in good condition. Bathing your pet bird is essential. If they are not bathed, they may become unwell or begin plucking their feathers. Dusty feathers make birds feel uneasy, and this might lead to them bathing in filthy water. It is preferable to give them a clean bath and then dry them. It is critical to provide your bird with warm weather and dry them after a bath. Because birds catch a cold easily, it is best to dry them. The methods listed above can be used, but it is best to let them dry naturally in a warm room.