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Be the Kind of Person that your bird believes you

Be the Kind of Person that your bird believes you

Once you lived with parrots; you can live never without one

Owning a bird means taking care of birds. We the Color Day brand is again there with the promise of Care and Safety. Our new product range will help you out in bathing your beloved birds in new and hygienic ways. We have introduced Color Day big size Bird Bath. This is not just a bath but a hazel-free pet care experience.

Loving birds, caring for them, and thinking about them are the real feelings. Man is kind by heart. The attachment with pets makes him more kind, humble, and soft-spoken. Caring for a bird in a bathing environment is not an easy task. Our company has specially designed this Big Size 13*11* 8-inch big sized cage for the bathing parrot. This roomy cage has stainless steel accessories with transparent sides. It is best for big size birds like African Greys, Amazons, Mini Macaws, Eclectus, Budgies, and Finches.

Our Product is not an ordinary article. Birds are nature’s love. Birds feel happy in light, colors, and sounds. Our bath is transparent and has a clear view. Birds can enjoy like a Nature Bath in it. It also gives you an aesthetic amusement while watching your pet splashing and splishing in water.

Cleanliness is the reflection of a pure soul. Souls-like to be free from worries and dirt. Love the soul of your beloved pet by providing him such an amazing Color Day Bath Product.

Someone has rightly said: “Be the Kind of Person that your bird believes you.”
How lovely this line speaks out the heart of a bird. Color Day is not just a Product brand; we do feel it. Our product is fully enjoying its success on Amazon. The features of our product are attaining 4.8/5 ratings. From its sheerness to maintenance truly it’s a worth buying product.

We know that love ones need to be safe and secure. That’s why our product is made of High-Quality ABS plastic. Plastic is not ordinary material that can harm your bird. It is fully safe to use. Stainless hooks are attached inside and outside that give strength to the body structure of the cage.

Bathing your parrot gives a sense of stimulation and sensation. You would feel the same joy as we do with kids in a risk-free environment and tip-tap water surrounding. This product has crossed the sales record and now in the plan to restock again. These are not just words, you can visit our website and get trusted reviews from our worthy customers. Colorday Large Bird Bath with Clear View, for Greys,Amazons,Conures,Cockatiels,Parakeet.(13X11X8 inch) Upgraded .: Kitchen & Dining
Our customers are highly satisfied with our home delivery services. Many customers like its spacious place which helps them in enjoying the time of pet bathing. They like the Bath cage as it is easy to wash and dry. It also works as a standalone bath. African Greys are mostly naughty and try to scratch. The material used in this product is of high quality. It is not irritable and unbreakable.

Buy our products. Become our worthy Brand Family Members for a lifetime. Do visit our website: Get amazed bird products on Color Day Amazon Page. We will wait to listen to you. Color Day Bird Cage Brand would love to serve you.