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Covering bird cage: cage cover issues and tips

Covering bird cage: cage cover issues and tips

pet bird cage coverThere are many things to keep in mind when you own a pet bird. The pet bird must be cared for properly and their owner should be familiar with all their needs and requirements. One of the things that most new owner find hard is what to do at night. For the proper sleep of the bird the owner must provide them warm and safe place for them to sleep. For this many owners cover their bird cage with cover. The question that most people ask is that whether they should cover their birds or not. Well the answer to this question is dependent upon situation and bird as there are many variable involved. Go through following points to access whether bird cage cover is good for your own or not:

Issues related to birdcage cover

Many owners faces few issue when they covered their pet birds with covers. Some of these are

Stressing bird

The birds can become stressed out if they are not used to covering. When you get a pet check wheth

bird cage cover

er covering is making them scared or alert. Also at late night if the are covered and get scared they will make sound and act hysterically. So if you find that your pet is jot comfortable with covering avoid doing it. As stressing can make your birds depressed. Also they can harm themselves if they get too scared. So covering birds improperly can cause them mental and physical harm.

Dependent on cover

The parrots can become dependent upon the cover. So if they are not covered they will not sleep at night. This habit is not harmful but in situation that the cover is missed it can cause your bird to stress out and not get sleep. So the bird must have habit of sleeping without cover as well.


There are many ways the bird cage cover can be used for the welfare of your pet. Here are some benefits of bird covers:

Sleep pattern

The sleep pattern of the pet bird can be maintained through cage covers. For instance, if a bird is not used to the time zone in your area, its sleep pattern will vary from yours. The cage cover can be utilised to adjust their sleep pattern. For this, keep the cage open uncovered throughout the day and cover the cage only at night. In this way, they will get used to sleeping only at night. The sleep pattern of a bird can get disturbed due to numerous reasons. Like if there was noise around at night. So covering at night will force them to sleep as it will be dark. Birds are sensitive, so slight noise and light can prevent them from sleeping, but a large cage cover will help them.

For warming

The covering will prevent any air from entering into their cage. The winter nights are too cold for the parrots. In these cases, the heating must not be able to prevent the air. But a thick and large cage cover will help to provide an extra layer of shelter to protect them. Thus, these covers will act as blankets and protect them from the cold winter season.

pet bird cage coverProtection

The cover will protect from external exposure like noise and air. On many occasions, the firework noise might startle the pet. But an effective covering will protect your birds from this exposure. As mentioned, the birds are sensitive to light and sounds, so their protection is necessary. In such situations, you can blind your pet bids from all the lights by covering its cage at night. That way, you can prevent your bird from being stressed out by lights and sounds.

Tips to follow

When covering your bird cages, always keep following factors in mind:

  • The cloth must be breathable and not too thick so that the cover does not hinder their breathing.
  • Try to keep one side of the cage open so that air and slight light is passed through it.
  • Also, the cage covering must be cleaned and maintained properly so that no harmful bacteria or anything else comes near the bird.
  • The covering must never be used as a punishment so that the bird does not think of it as offensive.