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How to form a strong bond with your domesticated bird

How to form a strong bond with your domesticated bird

domesticated bird in travel cageBirds take a great amount of time to adjust to changes. When birds encounter new places or people, they become alert, so they may react aggressively. Therefore, it is necessary to let the domesticated bird adjust. Birds are social animals, and they like to form a bond with their owners. But, it will take a great time to earn the trust of these little fellows. Also, this bonding will directly influence your experience with your pet. So it is necessary to connect to your pet bird. Here are some things you need to follow for effective bonding with your bird:

Socialise with them

Birds are social animals, and they are more used to living in flocks and groups. Therefore, they need to have someone around them. So if you do not socialise with your bird, they will not bond, whether cockatiel or amazon. For socialising, play and talk with your pets. More interaction with people and owners give your birds a positive experience. It will help them get familiar with you and build trust. Moreover, spending time with them, this socialising will help them warm up to you.

Give them timebird cage toys

Birds take a large amount of time to get familiar with people and places. Most birds are territorial animals, so they do not like changes in their surroundings. Therefore, when you get yourself a pet bird, allow it to adjust to the changes. New things, sudden changes and close contact will startle the domesticated bird. So you need to give your bird time. No matter what bird you own, whether love bird or cockatiel, always deal with them slowly and calmly. These precautions will ensure that the pet does not get scared or overwhelmed.

Communicate friendly

The birds must always be dealt-with with love and care. When talking to your pets, use very soft speech so that they do not feel threatened. If birds hear a loud sound and yelling, they become startled and start yelling as a way to protect themselves. The loud noises will make your birds accustomed to yelling, and they will become rebellious. So speaking quietly and calmly is the key to making your bird familiar to you. Also, birds like to listen to their owners once they warm up to them.

Offer rewards

The best method to train any bird is by utilising rewarding techniques. Animals believe that the person that provides them food is safe and their friend. There are many treats that every bird will love, like fruits, vegetables and bird snacks. Gove them food to familiarise with them. Also, give them treats if they do something positive. These tricks will help them adapt to you and the living. Therefore, rewarding and treating them can help anyone bond with their birds.

Comfort them

The birds must be comforted to make them bond with you. If you want to connect with your pet, take them out of their cage often. This practice will make them happy and healthy. Most birds like to explore the place the get familiar with it. If you leave them out of the cage for some time, they will move and play to get familiar with you and the place. Also, take them around the house so that they know they are safe with you.

Bird mirror with perchAccessories

Provide your birds with some toys and accessories to enjoy and play with. These things will let your pet get comfortable fast. If they are provided with material to play with, they do not feel anxious and depressed. There are many options for bird toys like ropes, bird mirrors, hanging toys, etc. It is best to get them chewable toys so that they get a chance to chew, shred and tear. These will keep them healthy and stimulated. Although advanced bird mirrors with perch are popular, bird mirrors must be used with caution. As these can make your pets obsessively and aggressive.


To summarise, bonding with domesticated bird takes time, no matter which breeds cockatiel, amazon or love birds. There are many methods to form a bond with your pet, like socialising and playing with them. Always communicate with these little fellows if you want them to get used to you. Also, provide them with rewards, treats, and toys o that they feel positive about you. Comforting them with things and your actions will make them happier and comfortable around you.