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how to install large bird bath with clear view inside/outside of bird cage

how to install large bird bath with clear view inside/outside of bird cage

Bird bathBirds like to keep themselves clean and neat. You cannot simply keep the birds in the cage and neglect their hygiene. Birds, even in the wild, often bathe in clean waters. So you need to provide clean water to your pet birds so that they can clean themselves. The birds can develop aggressive and self-harming behavior if you do not manage them properly. There are cases where owners do not clean their pets properly, so they start plucking their feathers. To avoid such serious conditions, you must clean your pet birds routinely. Also, there are now many versatile bird baths you can use to bathe your pet bird. For example, there are large bird bath with clear view to accommodate birds of different species. You can get these bird baths for washing and cleaning your parrots. To attach a bird bath, follow the following steps:

Big size Bird bath outside the cage

The bird bath with clear view can be placed outside the cage of your pet. Also, there are numerous options in the market that you can choose according to your pet. The most commonly used bird bath for pets is huge containers that are directly joined to the birdcage. Moreover, there are options of many sizes for these bird baths. So you can purchase according to the size cage and your bird.

Steps; installing big size bird bath with clear viewbird bath with clear view

Follow these steps to attach a bird bath outside the cage:

  1. Join the lower and outer part of the birdbath
  2. Find a suitable opening in the cage.
  3. Fill the water so that the lower container is full of water.
  4. Pull up the opening attach the birdbath to it.
  5. Then fix the birdbath and wait for your bird to reach it.

Bath box Inside the cage

You can also place the birdbath inside the cage. You can simply place a container or bowl with a large area for the bird. Also, you can place a box bath inside the cage if you want to avoid the mess. These are large bird baths that can accommodate the whole bird, but the cage must be large as well. However, there are a few bird baths that can be directly attached to the cage from inside. These bird baths are connected to a cage and are safer.


Follow these steps to attach a bird bath outside the cage:

  1. Assemble the birdbath as these are often sold in parts.
  2. Find an opening and area in the birdcage.
  3. Fill the container of the bath with the water.
  4. Put the birdbath from the inside of the cage and fix it from the outside.

Dual cages

Some cages have dual functionality, they can be attached either from inside the cage or outside. So, the owner can change the location according to their convenience.

Things to consider regarding bird bath

A bird BathWhen you are planning to place a bath in the birdcage, you have to consider the following facts:

  • The water place must be fresh and lukewarm as cold water can cause chilling.
  • Birds do not require the usage of artificial products like soap or shampoos. Place fresh water in the bath, and that is enough.
  • Always place the bird bath in the daytime as they must not bathe at night.
  • Moreover, the bird bath must be distanced from the food and their perch. The food droplets and other things can contaminate the water.

Designs of bird bath

There are many options for designs and sizes of bird baths. It is necessary to purchase the correct bird bath for your pet to wash comfortably. There are many types of baths like large bird baths, outside and inside cage bird baths, garden bird baths, and more. Select the bath you want according to the location you prefer. Also, select designs and colors that will attract your bird toward the bath. These few factors will help maintain better hygiene for your bird.


To summarise, hygiene holds great importance for birds. There are many options when it comes to bird baths. Now you can find numerous options when it comes to bird accessories that include a bath as well. However, the bath that is attached to the bird cages is the most popular. You can attach these baths either inside or outside the cage. You can attach these with a few simple steps, whether inter or external. However, the location depends on the preference of the owner and the habits of the pet.