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How to play with your pet bird?

How to play with your pet bird?

pet bidBirds are active and very social animals. They need someone to play with them or things to entertain them. If they are not provided with sources of entertainment, they can become self-destructive, depressed, and aggressive. Pet birds want a lot of attention from their owners. If you are too busy and do not give them enough concentration, it can have a negative impact on them. So one needs to keep birds properly stimulated to prevent boredom. If you are looking for ways and methods to play with your pet bird, you are at the right place. Many things and materials will keep your bird spurred and active. Here are some different ways to play and interact with your pet bird:

Chat with them

Birds love to chirp, yell, and sing. It is their way of vocalising. Birds are very talkative and love talking and communicating. Also, it is observed that many parrots try to copy and mimic whatever their owner say or do. Therefore, work to chat and sing with them as much as possible. This will be the most effective and fun activity for your bird. If you talk with your pet bird, it will get also get them excited and stimulated. Birds are louder than humans and make very high sounds. They try to match the pitch of their owner. So talk in low tunes to get them familiarised.

Provide with toys A bird mirror

Birds need things to play with to keep them busy. Currently, there are several toys available in the market to keep them entertained and happy. These toys must always be available for them to chew, play and break. These toys will not only keep them busy but also excited. For the bird, chewing is a natural habit, so look for chewable toys. Also, one can add a bird mirror to the parrots’ cage. Some pet birds love playing and looking at it, but sometimes it can be harmful to them. So be careful and vigilant if you use a bird mirror. Lastly, a swing can be a great addition to your bird’s toys. Many parrots like to sit and sway on their swings all day. These allow them to get some exercise as well.

Play with your pet birds like parrots

Birds love any activity with their owners. Train your parrot about different games to play with them. Some birds like to fetch things like other animals. Also, the most common game among the pet birds is hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo. They always look for their owner when playing and make noises when they find them. The more time you give your pet, the happier they will be. These activities will be stimulating for them and also a good way to burn some calories.

A bird carrierTake them outside

Sometimes take your birds outside for a walk like other animals. Although birds are territorial animals and moving can be a stressful activity. But one can make it fun by preparing their birds beforehand. The best method to take these little fellows outside is by using a pet bird travel cage. These bird carriers for parrots are lightweight and comfortable for the pet. Thus, reducing stress and making the journey fun for them.

Share food

Birds follow their owner’s action. They become curious and always want what their owners are eating. So try to make a blend that both of you can enjoy and share with your pet bird. This sharing of food will make pet birds very happy and feel closer to you. Also, one can enjoy dry fruits such as peanuts, nuts, and almonds with them. Another option is fruits and vegetables that both of you can share. Sharing food will be very satisfying not only for your bird but also for you. It will help build a stronger bond with your bird.


In conclusion, there are several ways to play with your bird. The only thing you need to consider as a bird owner is that they remain busy and entertained. For this, spend time with your bird, such as chatting and playing with them. Birds try to mimic anything their owners do, so talk with them teach them more words. Also, try to take them outside for walks in a pet bird travel cage. Another source of stimulation is bird toys. These are always the best option to keep the parrots busy and entertained. One can find a range of toys that birds can play with and chew on. Also, to build a stronger relationship with your pet, share food with them. It can be any food you both enjoy, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables.