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How to train a parrot to enjoy bath time?

How to train a parrot to enjoy bath time?

bird bathMany owners worry about giving proper baths to their parrots. The little ones are very sensitive. One needs to train their parrots to make them understand that bathing is fun. A bird bath is very important for the health of birth feathers and its hygienic management. Although parrots naturally like spending their time in the water. But a bad experience can make them reluctant and aggressive towards it. Therefore, one needs to be diligent in their training. All types of parrots have the same innate behavior. So training of birdbath for amazons, Greys, Conures, Cockatiels, or Parakeet will be identical. If you want to learn the basics to train your parrot to bathe, follow this article.

Convenient things for parrot

First of all, start by making your bird comfortable around water. It would be best if you showed that washing is something fun, not a punishment. Also, use things according to the preference of the parrot, such as giving a bath at a suitable time, like in morning sunlight, and bathing them only with plain water. You might find many shampoos believing they will clean their feathers and body. But bird’s feathers are very different from cat and dogs hair. You can use shampoo for their hair but not for birds. Also, before the bath, check the temperature of the water. Using too cold water might make your bird sick. Additionally, remember birds do not prefer to get completely soaked. They like them partially wet, so keep the washing light.

Soothe the parrot

As mentioned, one needs to make parrots understand that bathing is a fun activity. Soothe your parrot; otherwise, the bath may overwhelm and scare them. If they fear water, you can prepare a bath for two. It can become a group activity with other parrots. But if you have one parrot, you can bring them to your shower by installing shower perches. Looking at other parrots or their owner enjoying the bath convinces them that it is safe and enjoyable. Some parrots do not like spray or showers. For them, you can use sinks. The large sinks attract them. They can take a dip in the sink as it becomes a large birdbath for them.

Lure with food large bird bath

You can lure the little ones with food. For example, one can use a large bird bath and add wet leaves such as lettuce or kelp to it. The wet leaves are attractive for small parrots; they enjoy rolling around them. However, one can use this method to prepare a birdbath for amazons, Greys, Conures, Cockatiels, and Parakeets. Otherwise, you can add some greenery to the shower perches. It will compel them to sit on it. Another method is you can reward food after every spray. It will develop a habit that washing is rewarding.

Parrot bath

Sometimes the bird’s bath in their drinking bowl but are reluctant in showers. This behavior is because they feel comfortable in their cages. For this, you can attach a clear view birdbath outside their cage. Contemporarily several birdbaths are available in the market for the parrots, such as hanging bird baths or garden baths. You can either add a bath to their cage or put one outside, especially for their use. It will make them comfortable to have a personal bath to enjoy their time.

Persistence in bathing

One needs to bathe their pets regularly because it can take very long to make the bird comfortable. To develop the habit of the birds, you need to be persistent in your task. If the bird does not bathe frequently, it will not establish a pattern for it. So whatever method you use, shower, shower perches, spray, hanging birdbath, garden birdbath, or clear view bird bath, be persistent in the frequency. If one bathes the bird regularly, the bird will remember that it needs to wash.


To conclude, one needs to convince their bird first that washing is fun. So that the parrots instinctively do not go against it; otherwise, they will develop aggressive behavior. They need to learn that it is a pleasant activity which they can enjoy. Most birds, when they get the essence of the bath, appreciate it very much. One only needs to make them comfortable, so the parrot does not get overwhelmed. One can train their birds in several ways, by soothing them, rewarding them, or attaching an artificial bath. All these things will make them accepting towards the bath. Also, develop a routine for it so that your parrot understands that it needs to bathe frequently.