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How to train a parrot to get into a bird carrier

How to train a parrot to get into a bird carrier

Bird carrierBirds are very good companions and one of the best pets to keep. They love to stick to their owner and are joyous as well. However, pet birds have proven to be territorial. They are comfortable in their home and like to remain in a familiar environment. So taking your pets out for a ride or to the vet can be a challenging task. The birds can get scared in an unfamiliar environment, and there are high chances of them flying away due to fear. But there has been a great development in the resources and accessories of every pet. Now, one can find a bird carrier for their little one.

These birds’ travel cages are a carrier for the parrot to take them out conveniently. Some owners find it difficult to train their pet birds to get into the carrier. But worry not as we are here to help you if you are facing such a situation. Here are some tips you need to follow to take your pet outdoors with a bird carrier comfortably:

Establishing trust and willingness

Parrots do not like changes and new things. So first, you need to familiarize your pet with the cage. For this, place the bird carrier near their cage. Let your bird explore the new place, fly to it or nibble around it. This must be done routinely so that bird gets more used to it. When the bird becomes familiar with the cage, they will also become interested in it. Keep the carrier gate open so that it can explore the inside as well. This step will help to establish the bird’s comfort and willingness to step up.

Reward the parrot (in bird carrier) Bird carrier

Rewarding is the best way to train birds. Place their favorite treats inside or around the birds travel cage. Or reward them as they move closer to the carrier. There are many ways to familiarize your pet with the carrier for parrots. For instance, keep the carrier open with food and water. In this way, the pet birds will get used to staying in the cage. These positive reinforcement and treats help the birds to get adjusted to the carrier. It is best to opt for natural foods as treats, such as fruits and vegetables.

Accessories to add

There are many things one can add to the bird carriers. Apart from treats, place some toys or a towel. The towel will keep them warm, while toys will entertain them. These additional accessories will keep that happy and comfortable. Additions of a soft towel at the carrier bottom will keep the bird both warm and comfortable. If the towel is a hassle, one can add a newspaper or paper towel. It will relax them and make them comfortable. Also, an addition of mirror perch will make it further convenient for them.

Give a trial run

The routine use of carriers will make the pet familiar. So make your pet enter these for longer periods. Also, try closing the gate of the carrier when your bird goes inside. Then try moving the carrier and see if your pet is comfortable. Birds might become startled first but comfort them and move forward. This trial before the actual outdoor activity will prepare them. For this, you can take birds around the house or out in the garden and balcony. Thus, the pet bird will get prepared with this trial run for the outdoor activity.

Consideration when buying the bird carrier

The choice of birds travel cage is very crucial. There are many styles and choices available in the market. While looking for options, try to purchase a lightweight bird carrier. Also, a quality bird cage is necessary to ensure your pet’s safety. It will reduce the risk of any accident or safety hazard. So, it is essential to invest in bird carriers. A high-quality and lightweight bird carrier will make outdoor activities easier. Also, the bird travel cage must have a place to accommodate accessories such as cups, perches, and some toys.

pet bird mirrorConclusion

A bird carrier is essential for every outdoor activity. But it is a challenging task to train your bird to enter it. The first step involves making the pet bird familiarised with the cage. For this, use the rewarding method and cage accessories. Then try giving a trial run before taking your pet out to ensure that the pet does not stress out. All these steps will help you get your bird into the carrier comfortably. Purchase of correct carrier is also of great importance, look for lightweight and quality cage.