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bird mirror with perch

My African Grey and Amazon parrot love Bird Mirror Perch

My African Grey and Amazon parrot love Bird Mirror Perch

bird mirror perchBirds require something to keep them entertained constantly. Birds are active beings, if not provided with any activity, they get bored. All the bird owners provide their pet birds with some bird accessories to keep them busy. These toys work great entertainment for them and keep them stimulated. Several activities are also healthy for birds, both mentally and physically. Another reason why bird needs many distractions is that the owners cannot be with them all the time. So the bird accessories can serve as a great alternative to keep your pet elicited. Nowadays, there are several different kinds of toys available in the markets. For instance, there are bird mirrors, bird swings, and more. Bird mirror perch and mirrors hold controversial evaluations. Many parrots like my African grey and amazon parrot love bird mirror, while others do not like it. Also, pet owners have different perspectives a well.

Why do birds love perch mirrors?

Many pet birds love bird mirrors because it shows the reflection. Almost all birds love these mirrors, and they sing songs to them as well. Mirrors can be a great toy for your pet birds. These can keep the birds entertained in the following ways:

Socialising – bird mirror with perch

Birds like socialising, and they require company. So if left alone for a long period, the birds become lonely. Also, there are chances of depression. The bird mirror perch can work great in this case. Birds cheer up by looking in the mirror because they do not feel lonely. It is assumed that birds feel that they have a friend with them. So, they can socialise with the mirror and do not feel lonely.


These small mirrors are found to have a positive influence on most birds. Bird chat with the mirror for hours. It is speculated that birds assume that there is a new friend with them. But the influence of mirrors is different on different parrots.

Movement bird mirror with perch

Bird not only chat with the reflection but also play and preen with it. When they look at the mirror, they will whistle and sing to it. Nowadays, several advanced bird accessories are available, like bird mirrors with perch. The birds can sit on perch while looking in the mirror. These bird mirror perch are separate from the perch, so birds keep moving from perch to perch. This increased movement can be a source of exercise for the pet.

Why and when bird mirrors must be avoided?

Despite all the mentioned reasons, bird mirrors can have some very harmful effects on pet birds. The birds are sensitive beings, and many things can affect them. Bird mirrors are found to have the following negative influence on the birds.


Parrots are territorial and reserved animals. They do not like strangers or changes in their surroundings. So the reflection in the mirror might be perceived as a rival. The birds will get into fight or flight mode. So they will develop aggressive behaviours towards the mirror. They will feel that their space has been invaded, so they get agitated with the mirror. Therefore, the mirror cannot be placed in the cage of parrots who start getting aggressive with it.


Another negative behaviour observed in birds is their obsession with the mirror. The birds get a false perception of reality. Birds start getting obsessive with the mirror, and they assume it as their partner. Also, they start to prefer the company of the mirror compared to the other pets. Some even offer food to the mirror and refuse to leave the cage. If the mirror is removed out of their sight, they become aggressive or stop eating. Thus, obsessive behaviour will harm their health as well. The bird might have severe weight loss, or it might start plucking.

bird mirror perchPhysical harm

The mirrors are made up of glass, so they are fragile. Birds will preen, prick and even bite the mirror. Due to these behaviours, the glass might break and injure the pet. Also, mirror contains several harmful chemicals. Slight ingestion of these will greatly affect their health. These will also make the bird confused. A bird might not be able to understand why a glass broke or that it is harmful. They will keep trying to prick it and may get hurt.


To summarise, mirrors can be great toys for the pet bird. These will give them a source of communication and prevent them from being lonely. Also, like bird swings, these perch mirrors allow movement. However, a negative impact of mirrors has been observed in birds. So it must be used with caution. It can make them aggressive, obsessive and also cause physical harm.