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My Cockatiel Is Obsessed With Bird Mirrors

My Cockatiel Is Obsessed With Bird Mirrors

bird mirror perchBirds are intelligent creatures. They have a vast vision, so they can look all around their surroundings. This quality helps them in hunting and protecting themselves from predators. Another distinctive feature about their sparkling eyes is that they can look at themselves in the mirror. Contrary to most animals, these feathery friends can look at their magnificent selves in the mirror. Some birds look at themselves while others play with it. For example, the cockatiel is one of the most active birds. They require various bird accessories, and bird mirrors are one of their favorite toys. Here are some habits I observed in my cocktail:


Cockatiels are quite hyper and playful pet birds. They require various toys in their cage to keep themselves stimulated, and a bird mirror comes on top of the list. They enjoy dancing and playing with this bird mirror. Also, some of these come with perch, so they like to sit on this perch of the bird mirror perch. Cockatiels, due to their joyful nature, often whistle, make sounds, and dance around. Although they are not capable of communicating with humans in their language, but they like socializing as much as any other bird. Therefore, you will often find them socializing and communicating with this mirror.

Feels accompanied

Pets birds can start feeling lonely readily, especially if their owners are often busy. Birds being social animals, like to stay in groups or pairs. Also, if a bird feels lonely repeatedly, it can get severely depressed. Birds can develop many negative habits like feather plucking due to being lonely and bored. Therefore, they must be entertained properly, and bird mirror for cage come to great use for this. Bird mirrors help the bird relieve their loneliness. They always feel accompanied as if there is someone with them.

What to check in pets with bird mirror for cage

There are a few things to always keep in check when you put a bird mirror in the cage of your feathery friend. The behavior of your pet bird should be taken into consideration when your bird is playing with the bird mirror. Check if they are just playing or showing a few changes. For example, they might even start attacking the reflection in the mirror, or they might get aggressive. These signs indicate that the bird mirror must be taken out and replaced with another toy. Here are few things to keep in check:

Aggressive behavior

Birds are very joyful creatures, but they can get aggressive and can get depressed because of some reasons. For example, bird mirrors can cause aggressiveness in birds. They might perceive reflection in the mirror as an enemy. This misjudgment will cause them to attack themselves and the mirror. Also, they might hurt themselves during this progress of attacking. When this type of behavior is seen in the birds, it is advised to take the mirror out of the cage.

Obsession with the bird mirrorBird Mirror

Birds are social animals, so they like to stay in the company. When they are not given company, they start looking for it in other things. Birds often get attached to their owner or things in their surroundings, and they even get obsessive. Birds do not like it if others touch their cage, home, or anything they are obsessed with. They will start shouting and attack the person touching those things. Just like this, the bird might get attached to the bird mirror perch and attack anyone who touches it. If obsessive behaviour is seen in the bird, it is better to take out the bird mirror. If you take it out suddenly, the bird might get depressed so it is better to replace it with another toy.


To summarise, birds are very social creatures, and they like to stay in company. Bird mirrors can be of great help for pet birds to relieve loneliness. Also, a bird mirror perch is a great company for your pet bird, as there is a reflection to communicate and play with. However, birds can show obsession and aggressive behavior towards the bird mirror, so they must be kept in check. A bird mirror, nevertheless, is great entertainment for your pet bird to keep your bird busy. Therefore, a large bird mirror for Cockatiel can be a great toy