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Pet Bird Cage; Contrast between Play Top & Dome Top Cage

Pet Bird Cage; Contrast between Play Top & Dome Top Cage

pet bird cage coverPet birds require a place to play, move, eat and rest. Birds require an adequate amount of living space to roam and enjoy freely. The bird cage is not only the residing place of your pet, but it is their home. So it is essential to give a significant amount of attention to the parrot cages. Nowadays, the bird cage is available in many forms, styles, and colors. Also, these parrot cages are inlaid with several bird accessories. The current most popular type of cages is dome top and play top birdcage. We will tell you the positive and negative effects of both cages, and you can determine the best for your pet:

Dome Top Pet Bird Cage

These cages are the most common and popular type for the parrot. Dome top birdcages have been used as a home for pet birds for a long time. These are so named because of the dome in the cage. The top of the cage is curved instead of flat. The top of the cage is usually fixed. These cages can be effectively covered with bird cage covers.



Birds require a lot of space where they can enjoy themselves. A cage must be at least three times the size of a bird. A curved top has an extra place that allows the bird to enjoy more space. So birds can climb to the dome and open their wings to flex. Therefore, due to the additional room, these cages are suitable for all types of birds, small or large.

Accessories inside

These cages allow plenty of places to add several bird accessories. Nowadays, you can find many different sorts of toys and tools for your pet. The pet bird cage accessory commonly presents inside the dome cage includes a perch, feeder, and hanger. All these will ensure that your pet has all its essentials inside the cage.

Attractive design

The overall design of the dome cage looks very attractive, especially due to the curved roof. These cages are known for their pleasing appearance.


These cages are sealed from the top and have fewer openings. So this reduces the chances of harmful exposure. Also, it reduces the risk of the bird flying out of any opening, such as a window.



The dome top bird cage a tray at the below, and these get dirty fast. So these cages require more cleaning and also need more maintenance.


Birds mostly remain in one place in the cage, like sitting on perch most of the time. So there are lesser chances of activity, and birds become lethargic.

Play Top Pet Bird Cages

These cages have a play area at the top of their roof. These areas contain numerous toys, such as perches, feeders, and toy hangers. Also, these bird cages are suitable for all types of birds due to their different toys and size.


More activity

Most birds like to explore their surroundings and play around to use their energy. These cages have many pet bird cage accessories to provide the bird with a source to enjoy themselves. So, it will not only provide your pet with a living area but also a recreational place. Thus, the pet bird will remain active and exercise with numerous bird accessories.


The play area of the cage has a separate tray, which can be cleaned routinely. These trays can be removed and also serve as a roof for age. So it makes cleaning easier and increases cage sanitation.


The cages have an open recreational area so the owners can let their pets explore these places. For this, birds are usually kept open, and this helps to form a stronger bond between owner and bird.


Less space

These birdcages are not spacious due to an additional play area on top. The play area occupies most space, so there is a lesser area on the living side. Also, the roof tray restricts the light from entering the cage. So, less space and light can make the cage congested.


Birds are kept open in these cages, so there is a risk of flying away. Birds can fly away due to scare or other factors, so these cages do not ensure their safety.


These cages do not have a uniform top, so it is difficult to place bird cage cover on them. Although a big birdcage cover is usually used, but the cage remains exposed to external factors like air in winters.

In conclusion, both types of cages have their positive and negative point. So one has to evaluate which is better for their pet and its living.