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Pet bird supplies checklist for medium to large birds

Pet bird supplies checklist for medium to large birds

Whether you own a pet bird or planning to get one, there are a few things that are a must-have for pet birds. Like other animals, birds also require many materials to fulfil their needs. If you want to own a healthy bird, you have to fulfil all its requirements so that it can grow into a healthy and happy pet. Although the needs might vary depending upon the parrot or bird. However, few essentials are common for all. So, no matter what bird you own, Amazon, Cockatiels, Grey parrots, or any other, you need to provide them these essentials / bird supplies:


The birds need a balanced diet for them to grow healthily. For this, you must get bird food (formulated diet), food pellets, fruits, and vegetables. The base diet of all birds is pellets. But birds can become bored from the same diet, so they must be provided with fresh and dried fruits and vegetables. Also, many birds like nuts, beans, and cooked brown rice. Although but can eat almost all things, but few things are poisonous for birds. Therefore, search thoroughly before feeding anything to your pet, especially avoid sweets.

Cage and travel carrier

bird supplies

Travel cage

Birds are territorial animals, so they require a cage that they can mark as their home. The cage size must be appropriate according to your bird. For example, if you own an Amazon, get a cage that is two-thirds times large than them. This cage will allow your pet to fully extend its winds and accommodate its long tail as well. Also, the birdcage must be made up of string and non-toxic material so that birds can safely spend their time inside it.

A bird travel cage is also a good addition to your bird supplies. You can take your pet birds outside tin these travel carriers safely.

bird mirror perchPerch

A perch is a must-have for any bird, whether Cockatiels or Grey parrots. The birds have an instinctive behaviour of sitting on perches most of the time. Often birds sleep on perches by lifting their one foot. Also, the location of perch is very important inside their cages. The perch must be far away from their food and water. You can also put more than one perch high and low in the cage so that they get different locations to enjoy.

Food bowls and bird bath

Get wide bowls to serve water and food for your birds. You can find many bird dishes that have a perch attached to these dishes. So birds can sit on the ledge and eat their food. Also, get bird birth for your pet according to their size. Although small birds might bathe from their water bowl, you must arrange a bird bath for healthy bathing, especially for large birds. But now you can find a variety in the shop so getting a large bird bath is not that difficult.

Cage liners

Cage liners are necessary for your pet birds. When it comes to cage liners, there is no need to go fancy. You can get simple paper, paper towels, newspaper, or other similar material. There are other options as well, like sand and wood chips, but paper-related material is more hygienic. You can place paper over the mesh barrier below the cage and effectively clean it.

Bird accessories & supplies
bird supplies & accessories

bird bath

Every bird requires many accessories to keep them busy. Nowadays, you can find numerous toys in the market for your birds. These toys will keep your bird active and stimulated. Birds require material that makes them busy which they can chew and nibble. Also, toys are necessary for their beak so that it remains in good shape. The list of good toys includes swings, ladder, blocks, frogging toys, and more. You can find numerous colourful bird toys in the market that will keep your pet entertained.

Bird nail trimmer and first aid material

Birds need to get their nails trimmed like us, so you must get a nail clipper. There are many specially designed bird nail trimmers for different birds. Also, get something to first aid your bird in case of a small injury. For example, you might get a little blood when nail cutting. So get a styptic pencil for some first aid till you get to the vet.

In conclusion, you need to purchase a few essentials for your pet bird, whether small or large. This includes food material, toys, birdcage and bath, cage liners, and more.