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Stuff that my Cockatiel & Conure Like - Tips & Bird Accessories

Stuff that my Cockatiel & Conure Like - Tips & Bird Accessories

conure per birdCockatiel and conure are popular as pets. Many people like to keep these in their homes. Both these birds like to interact with people. Also, cockatiel and conure are intelligent birds as they learn various tricks. Thus, these household pet birds are quite entertaining for their owners. However, the choice of the bird varies. These two have some very distinctive characteristics. The cockatiel is known to be a quiet and calm type, while the conure is known to be an active and loud type. Therefore, before getting them, do appropriate research. Here are some of the things and pet bird accessories that most birds like cockatiel and conure like:

Pair or group

Birds are social animals, so they require partners or members to interact with them. There is a high chance of unhappiness in birds if they are kept alone deprived of socialising. Therefore, every bird must be kept in a group or at least as a pair. Birds will remain happy if they have a friend or family with them. So apart from humans, birds need another animal with them.

Owners’ attentionBird accessories

Every domesticated bird tries to earn its owners’ attention. They will follow them around and make noise to keep people focused on them. Therefore owners need to give their pets devotion. For instance, you can give them a bird bath. A bird bath will give you a chance for interaction and maintain pet hygiene as well. Also, you can take your birds for a walk in a bird carrier. Many bird travel cages are safe in which you can keep your pet to take them out. When it comes to owners’ attention, many pet birds like to be touched and patted.


Every bird needs to get an appropriate level of activity through exercise. Therefore, take your pet, either cockatiel or conure, out of cages for at least two hours. Birds should be allowed to walk around, fly or flap their wings and climb things. Let your pet explore the area so that it exercise itself. Also, try to play with them. If you teach your pet some tricks, it will keep them active. Thus, keep your pet birds active through activity and exercise.

Varied Diet

Every bird likes to eat a varied diet. Birds become bored of the same things, so they must be provided with a variety of fruits and vegetables. For instance, in addition to the daily diet, give your pets some seasonal foods like yam, squash, and sweet potato. Also, offer them treat like fruits such as strawberries, guava, and more. Also, there are many options for seeds and dry fruits you can give them these things variably. A varied diet will provide them with all different nutrition.


The bird’s surroundings significantly affect the birds. Birds need a clean atmosphere to keep them healthy and happy. The surrounding includes their cage, locations, cleanliness, light availability, and more. So always get a cage that is at least twice their size. A bird cage must be big enough to allow them to open its feathers and explore. Also, their cage must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Lastly, the location of your pet cage is important. The place must be neat and have appropriate light. It will allow your pet to look around the house and feel satisfied.

A bird BathBird accessories

Every bird requires some toys to keep them stimulated. Nowadays, there are several toys available for birds to keep them busy. You can get perches, bells, wooden blocks, hanging toys, climbing ladders, etc. All these toys will keep your pets stimulated and happy. Try to get multi-color toys for your cockatiel and conure. Swings are loved by almost all birds. Moreover, swings are one of the most loved bird accessories.


To summarise, there are few necessities and care that every pet bird requires. When it comes to cockatiel and conure, both these birds need a significant amount of attention and care. No bird likes to live alone, so always get a pair or group. Also, provide your pets with a good diet, a clean atmosphere, and toys. Also, give them a bird bath or their hygienic maintenance. Provide your pets with many bird accessories to keep them stimulated and active. Lastly, try to take your pets outside for a walk in their bird travel cages.