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Pet Travels: How To Travel With Pet Bird

Pet Travels: How To Travel With Pet Bird

Traveling with pet birds can be stressful both mentally and physically. But being prepared can help alleviate some of the tension. Flying pets appear to be all the rage these days, but they aren’t always birds. Anyone who has traveled by airline regularly in the last several years has seen a rise in the number of pets traveling with their owners. In fact, it appears unusual if your flight does not include at least one companion animal. however, you can make it easy to travel with a pet bird.

travel with pet birdDomesticated birds, for the most part, enjoy traveling. They will, however, do better if they are trained to deal with the process, preferably while they are still young, as with other pets. It is unreasonable to expect an older pet parrot who has never left the house to be comfortable traveling by vehicle or airline without any prior instruction.

Before traveling

The first question that bird owners should ask themselves is whether or not they need to bring their pet bird with them. Of course, if they’re moving, that’s an easy yes. However, if the owner is only going away for a few days, their bird would be better suited to staying at home or in a boarding facility. If the owner has a second home that they visit on a regular basis, their pet should accompany them, especially if it is a pet parrot that is very bonded to its owner. In this situation, the pet has most likely accompanied its owner from the start. As a result, it will regard traveling to be usual and will not be too stressed when doing so.

Health checkup before traveling

If you are traveling with your pet bird, keep in mind that you will most likely require a health certificate signed by your veterinarian within ten days of your departure. Even if you’re only traveling inside the state, have your bird examined by a veterinarian. If you believe your bird is becoming agitated or experiencing motion sickness, speak with your veterinarian about herbal or pharmaceutical medications that may be of assistance. If you’re flying, make sure to check with your airline to see if they have any restrictions.

Bird carrier for pet bird travelpet carrier for birds

A bird travel cage is required for your beloved bird before traveling. Furthermore, the pet bird must be trained to travel in the traveling cage. The cage should be customized to your pet’s preferences. The owner should select a cage that is both convenient for your pet bird and easy to transport. The cage should be large enough to allow your pet bird to move around without feeling suffocated. The cage should be sized appropriately for your beloved bird. It should be large enough to accommodate food and drink. It is critical that your pet bird be accustomed to its bird carrier and not become worried. Never travel with a bird in your car or trunk, and never leave a bird in your car unattended in extreme heat.

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Water and food supply

You do not want to overfeed your bird before or during flight. When you arrive, you will need a substantial supply of his regular diet. Make sure you have enough pet food on hand before the pet bird travels because you are unlikely to want to spend time shopping for it. Pack some bottled water that you know your bird will enjoy as well.


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of keeping your bird’s cage clean under the increased stress of travel. Keep an eye on the amount of food consumed as well as the color, quantity, and consistency of the feces during cleaning. Any of these changes could suggest a problem.

travel with pet birdConclusion

Many bird owners prefer to travel by car with their pet birds to avoid many of the risks associated with flying. Particularly if the pet bird must travel in the cargo hold. Traveling in a car with the pet in its own cage can lessen stress for the creature, while also making life easier for the owner. Whether the bird is traveling in its own cage or a travel crate, the owner should take a pet that is not used to going on short rides at first. Then longer ones, to acclimate to being on the road.