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Tune In To Your Bird’s Daily Habits

Tune In To Your Bird’s Daily Habits

Tune In To Your Bird’s Daily Habits

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Birds are social and active animals. They have a hectic lifestyle and like to live in groups with lots of space to fly around. If you happen to own a bird, it is advised to arrange a large cage and many activities. It will keep your bird stimulated and let it stretch its feathers to fly around. Many people have started to own birds, and they assume they are supposed to be just kept in a cage in the corner of the house. However, keeping your birds locked is animal abuse. Therefore, bird care is essential if you want it as a pet and to maintain a healthy routine.

Insight into Your Pet Parrot Routine

The birds also have routines of their own. As a bird owner, you have to ensure that your pet has a healthy routine. Here is what you have to a healthy parrot routine looks like:

Early waking

Birds are early risers they sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. Birds like to stay in their routine if you don’t wake your pet bird up early it can cause much more harm than good. When you wake your bird up remember to give it some time to be fully awake before playing with it. Give your pet bird food and clean its cage.

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Healthy diet

The mistake usually owners of pet parrots are they feed them seeds more than vegetables and fruits. Seeds contain more fat which can lead to liver fat and get you terribly ill. Birds usually eat more than you think. As a bird owner, you need to provide food at least four times a day to your pet parrot. In the morning give it some veggies as they are hungrier in the morning than trough out the day. In the evening give your pet bird seeds and parrot feed as a sort of snacks and at night give them fruits a few hours before their sleeping time. You can also feed your pet bird half an egg without a yolk as it is a good source of protein. Remember to remove any old food before giving your parrot new food.


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Your pet bird needs to have bird toys or bird accessories for it to play around with. Owners usually don’t have time to spare which can lead to depression in your pet bird. Toys are a great help to keep your pet bird busy. Wooden toys, bird mirrors, toys with perch, etc. It is advisable to select a toy that won’t injure your pet bird, such as one made of wood or dried plum leaves.

Also, your parrot needs time out of its cage to fly around. Birds need to stretch their wings in order to keep them healthy. Before taking your pet bird out of its cage you need to check your windows in case you have any ceiling fans close them. Try to play with your parrot while it's out of its cage for extra bonding.

Spending time

If you own pet birds, you must spend time with them to form bonding. Birds are sensitive creatures that need to be looked after.  If you don’t provide enough time for your pet bird they can have depression. Birds are social animals they like to have company. Your pet bird might be clingier than a dog if you give it enough time and play with it daily.

Sleeping time

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Birds tend to sleep earlier. They have a fixed time of sleeping and walking up. Keeping your pet parrot awake during its sleeping can have multiple effects on your pet bird. Forcing your parrot to stay awake can harm your pet bird mentally and physically. The owner should know their pet parrot's sleeping time when it’s time to sleep cover their cage close the lights and don’t make noise in their room.


To summarise, a good routine is imperative for your pet bird's health. You have to make a schedule that fits best with you and your pet. However, there are a few things that you must ensure for a healthy bird. For example, your pet bird must have an early wake-up time. One of the most important things is a diet like humans birds also need feed at least three times a day. Then ensure some activities in your bird's life to keep them stimulated. Set up a time to spend with your bird. Lastly, always ensure that your bird sleeps on time so they get enough sleep daily.