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Why Should I Use Bird Mirror in Cage?

Why Should I Use Bird Mirror in Cage?

A bird mirrorBirds have the advanced vision necessary for their flight and other activities. Birds have a large angle which gives them coverage of everything around them. Due to amazing sight and high intelligence, birds can see themselves in the mirror and love looking in it. Some pet birds like a mirror because of their sparkly and shiny nature. Others like to play with these mirrors. There are both pros and cons to using a bird mirror in a cage. Also, the choice varies for a different types of birds. Here are few things to consider when using a bird mirror in a cage for your pet:

Social animals

Birds are highly social animals and require one or more partners. Thus, they might become depressed or lonely if left alone for too long. A mirror can be a great alternative for some birds. It will make them feel like they have a friend in the cage. Pet birds will cheer up from this and will love looking at it. They will preen and chatter to their reflection. In the mirror for parrots, they will whistle, talk, and tweet. Thus, they will find a source to socialise.

Positive effect A bird mirror

These bird mirrors can have a positive effect on some birds in the long term. They think that it is another companion and establish some kind of communication with this new friend. The parrot might talk to its reflection or friend for hours. However, every parrot is different, so the outcome of this bird mirror is going to be different.

Aggressive impact

Sometimes there is an exception, and parrots think that reflection is a rival. For that reason, one might see aggression in their parrot with the urge to fight. The reflection in the mirror can cause a perception that there is another parrot in the cage. They are unable to understand that the reflection is not another bird. They feel like their space has been invaded and attack the mirror. Some birds who do not attack get agitated. Therefore, be careful to monitor parrot behavior once a mirror is placed in his cage. In case of conflict or aggression, it is best to remove the mirror permanently.

Obsessive behavior

A mirror is a form of enrichment and fun for most parrots. Frequently, it is simply not something to be concerned for. However, a mirror for parrots can sometimes be expressively damaging. Pet owners have found that mirrors give their pets a false perception or impression of reality. A mirror that is always present in the cage might become an obsession for the bird. Some birds may start preferring the company of the mirror compared to that of their owner. They may refuse to leave their cage. Some birds will even offer food to mirror and regurgitate on it. So they become agitated when it moves out of the line of sight. These things can have a dangerous effect on bird health and can result in excessive weight loss. Therefore, it is essential to remove the mirror if it becomes obsessed with it. Because birds obsessed with a reflection can become aggressive toward any other bird or human as well.

A bird mirrorToys for entertainment

All pet birds need ways or things to keep themselves entertained. These are intelligent creatures and readily get bored. So they need constant stimulation. When it comes to birds, it is necessary to have some toys. Toys are tremendously helpful for the mental and physical health of the bird. These are a great replacement when the owner cannot be there for their pet as it will be a great distraction and entertainment. Therefore, it is a must to provide them with toys. A mirror can be great fun for enriching all parrots. It works for most birds; they relish singing in the mirror and make sounds. Get a bird mirror with perch for your pet so it can sit and enjoy.


In conclusion, pet birds are very social and need a source of entertainment and enjoyment. A good bird mirror can be a great toy for your little fellows. This can have a positive impact on their health in the long term. Also, most birds love looking and talking to these mirrors. However, there is a risk of aggression and repulsive behavior in birds. Some birds can develop an obsession with these mirrors. For this, always be vigilant to keep an eye on your pet and its behavior. There are many toys, such as a bird mirror with perch to keep your pet busy and entertained.