Color for birds like Colorday

Bird Rope Perches

$10.00 USD

About this item

This product needs to be used with colorday Bird Mirror

PACKAGE INCLUDE: Package includes 1 pcs bird Rope, its size is 0.8"Dx 13.8"L
EASY INSTALLATION: Just unscrew the nuts at both ends and fix them to the bird cage, and then tighten the nuts, you can set up a new bird rope overhead for your bird
BENDABLE BIRD ROPE: The built-in steel wire can bend the bird rope perch into various shapes. In order to get the most benefit, please change the position or shape regularly to update the surrounding environment of the bird in a quick and easy way
COMFORTABLE & FIRM: The bird's rope perch is made of durable multi-color cotton thread, wound on a steel wire to provide firm support, and provide a safe and comfortable habitat for birds to stand and bungee
SUITABLE FOR BIRDS: Birds can climb up and down to reduce their boredom in the cage and enhance their athletic ability