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Bird Bath

$35.65 USD

This bird bath for cages provides a clear view for your feathered friend to enjoy. The fully transparent design allows for easy cleaning and monitoring of your bird. Its larger size allows for ample space for bathing and can be easily suspended inside or outside of the cage.

  • About this item

    • BIG SIZE: 13x11x8 inch, ideal for African Grey, Amazon, Mini Macaw, Small Cockatoo, Eclectues, Conure, Cockatiel, Quaker, Cacique, Parakeet, Canary, Finch and other similar size birds.
    • CLEAR VIEW: Can reduce bird's stress level and give you a good view to check on your pet. Perfect relaxing birdbath for caged birds.
    • MULTI-USE: It is a bright and spacious bathroom. also is a great playground for your feathered friends to play with parrot toys.
    • HIGH-QUALITY: Made of non-toxic, sturdy ABS plastic with stainless steel accessories, highly durable. This hanging bathing tub is a must-have for any bird-owner.
    • EASY TO USE: Easy to assemble and put on and off cage, can be attached to Inside/Outside of most of the Large Cages. Installation dimension: the space between two hooks is 7.8 inches, and the hook is 0.4 inches wide.

    Looking for a convenient and safe way to bathe your pet birds?

    Want to provide them with comfortable bathing conditions and keep them happy? If yes, your search has ended. We bring you Colorday Big Size Bird Bath made of High-Quality transparent ABS plastic material for a frustration-free pet care experience.

    Coloday premium bird bath made of durable ABS & Stainless Steel Accessories with a transparent design that lets your pet feel comfortable and relaxed during bath time.

    Big Size: 13 x 11 x 8 inch

    It is big sized and roomy enough for most domestic birds,high recommended for African Greys, Amazons, Mini Macaws, Small Cockatoos, Eclectus, Caique, Conures, Cockatiels,Parakeets, Quakers, Lorikeet, Budgies, Finches and other similar size birds.It is suit for the big size bird cage.

    Clear View

    Clear View: Birds love light! Clear view reducing bird's stress level and give you a good view to watch you bird splish and splash.

    In the nature world, Bird is an animal who love cleaning very much, Bathing is the hablit of birds.

    Please choose this bright and spacious bathroom for your pretty birds!

    High Quality Plastic and Stainless Steel Accessories

    High-Quality Plastic: ABS plastic made of strong, tough material with a clear view.

    Stainless Steel Accessories: Stainless Steel Screws and hooks made the Bird Bath highly durable.

    Inside/Outside of Cage

    Inside/Outside of Cage: Stainless Steel hooks can be attached to front or back made it can be attached Inside/Outside of the cages.

    Installation dimension: the space between two hooks is 7.8 inches, and the hook is 0.4 inches wide.

    It is suit for the big size bird cage.

    Antiskid surface treatment

    The bottom and the entrance of the bird bath are antiskid treatment, Bring more caring care to your pretty birds.

    Tips for bird bath:

    1, Choose a sunny and warm day bath your bird.

    2, At the very beginning, do not fill the birds' bath with too much water. You should pour the water into it step by step when they are used to bird bath.

    3, You can place the toys and food that the birds like into Bird Bath to attract them.

    4, If the birds do not enter the Bird Bath hanging on the cage, you can try to put it on the bottom/ground, which makes it feel like they are playing in a pond in the wild.

    5, Please keep quiet when the birds are taking a bath, and don't look at them in a short distance.