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Bird Cage Heater

$32.95 USD
  • Newly Upgraded Bird Heater: Heats up within minutes and maintains a cozy, safe, and warm temperature for your bird with PET Electric Heating Film, EVA Heat Insulator, and constant temperature control circuit.
  • 5V USB: Colorday Bird Cage Heater uses harmless 5V USB power supply for heating, making it a safer option than higher voltage levels. This low-voltage electricity bird heater is reliable and efficient for parakeets.
  • Premium Quality: Thickened stainless steel shell ensures safety without paint. Stainless well-shielded cable from begins to end. Cord is long around 79 inches, offering greater flexibility in placement options.
  • Size: Bird heater for cage measures 7.1 x 4 inches (H*W), a perfect size for medium to large pet birds. Designed for African Grey, Cockatiel, Parakeets, Parrots, Amazons, Conure as well as small birds.
  • Healthy & Happy Birds: Snuggle Up Bird Warmer - a perch providing warmth & comfort. Provides a snug and comfortable environment. Reduces stress & improves overall health of birds, especially during colder months.

      Bring you the Safest & Sturdiest Bird warmer

      Cold weather can cause significant health issues for birds, which is why they naturally huddle together to share body heat in the wild and outdoor. To address this concern, Colorday has developed the Colorday Snuggle-Up Electric Bird Warmer, designed to provide warmth to our feathered companions wherever and whenever they need it

      Experience high-quality heating with energy-saving technology

      • Our product features a constant temperature control circuit with high precision and a thermal protector to ensure that it never gets too hot.
      • Additionally, the PET Electric Heating Film and EVA Heat Insulator work together to deliver higher heating efficiency while conserving energy.
      • With a maximum working power of only 7 Watts, you can enjoy a warm environment without worrying about high energy bills.

      Safest & Sturdiest Portable Heating Element

      • Stainless steel shell without paint is safer and Study. 79" stainless steel corrugated hose protect the Power wire perfect.
      • 7.1 x 4 inches (H*W), a perfect size for medium to large pet birds.5V USB power supply ( lower voltage) is safer and more convenient.
      • Our product helps to reduce stress and improve the overall health of birds, especially during the colder winter months.