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Handheld Dog Feeder

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About this item

  • 3-in-1 Dog Treat Dispenser: With a button press, dog treats drop into the bowl with a clicker cue. This kit integrates the functions of treat pouch, clicker, and glove, simplifying your training routine.
  • Hygienic & Secure: The hand-held dog feeder facilitates hand feeding without the mess of saliva or touch of teeth and treats, ensuring a tidier, safer training & feeding.
  • Compact & Handy: Fits in pockets, ideal for treating during walks or sessions. 6.7 oz capacity, storing 0.22lb treats, an excellent alternative to traditional dog treat pouches.
  • Dog-Friendly Materials: Crafted from 100% food-safe plastic; lead-free, PP, PC. Dishwasher safe.
  • Works With Most Dog Food: Ideal for dry dog food and treats of less than 0.6" (1.5cm) in length. This makes a fun gift for anyone with a dog or puppy.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: one-year warranty. You are sure to get 100% quality products as we stand behind our products. Please contact us for any issues.

Product introduction video

Introducing the Next Big Thing for Pup Lovers!

1. Training and feeding your beloved puppy can sometimes be a handful. Have these issues ever bothered you?

2. Juggling a dog clicker, dog treat pouch, and other tools during training sessions.

3. Feeding directly from your hand can lead to messy, slobbery fingers and the occasional nip.

4. Letting your dog snack from the floor? That's unclean and can teach your pet to scavenge for treats everywhere!

Worry no more! Colorday's revolutionary Dog Treat Dispenser simplifies the process.


Combine training glove + clicker + treat pouch in one. Training and feeding have never been easier. suitable for most dry dog food and training treats with a lengthless than 0.6inch (1.5CM).

Simple Operation:

One-handed operation with a single button. Press the button to reward your pet. Large-size feeder 3 x 3.5 inch fit for most pets.

Compact & Handy:

At 2.4-inch diameter, it's the size of a water bottle – perfect for pockets or hand-carrying. Ideal for treating during walks or sessions.

Food-grade material:

Food-grade PP shell, food-grade PC bottle. Safe, durable, and easy to clean, Dishwasher safe. 100% recyclable materials.

For Small to Medium Dogs

6.7oz capacity holds up to 0.22lb of dry dog food or dog treats.

(Do not use it for long-term food storage. This dog training aids is an unsealed container.)

For Large Dogs

10oz capacity holds up to 0.33lb of dry dog food or dog treats.

Why Hand Feed Your Dog with Colorday's Handheld Feeder?

1. Trust Building: Enhances relationship and trust, reminding your dog that good things come from you.

2. Combat Resource Guarding: Hand feeding demonstrates you're the source of valuable treats, reducing guarding tendencies.

3. Promote Gentle Bites: It's the perfect chance to instill "gentle" or "easy" commands, fostering respect for hands.

4. Control Speedy Eaters: Ideal for dogs who gulp down meals; simultaneously reinforce obedience between handfuls.

5. Comfort Shy Dogs: Hand feeding calms nervous dogs. Start slowly, extending to family and friends over time.

Please choose Colorday handheld training feeder for for safer, cleaner, and easier training and feeding!